Barcode Scanners and Computers

End of manual recording, start using scanner or terminal.


If you only need to scan barcodes and process them on a connected device (computer, cash register), a scanner is suitable for this solution. Connection is done with wire or wireless, most often via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
According to requirements for reading barcodes, they‘re produced in laser and imager versions. A laser beam is suitable for reading 1D codes and allows reading codes for short and long distances. Imager is suitable for reading 2D codes, it‘s even possible to read hard-to-read QR codes stuck on metal materials, etc. We can offer you manual or stationary scannerrs. A stationary scanners is fixed to a belt or the machine, and thanks to high- speed scanning it ensures fast barcode readings.
You can easily configure your device with optional software download.

Terminals and Tablets

The mobile terminal is a more sophisticated piece of equipment that allows processing read data from the barcode directly to the device, where it‘s possible to enter other necessary information from the keyboard. It has a separate battery and other accessories such as belt holders, forklifts, docking stations, etc. Among the terminals there are also tablets with high robustness suitable for forklifts for example. Implementation for forklifts is provided by RAM holders so that the operation is as comfortable as possible.
We supply terminals and scanners from the following manufacturers: Zebra, Datalogic and Honeywell. We‘re able to provide you with extended warranty, warranty and post-warranty service for these devices. We can lend you all the above described equipment after prior consultation. Depending on the distance and size of the barcodes, we‘ll recommend the exactly type you require.

Read the barcode to get available product information.

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