Camera and Access Systems

Control access remotely and watch what's happening in your home.


Camera systems

Have you calculated the value of your safety? Don‘t leave building protection without camera supervision, use modern technology as evidence.
Do you have a pet at home and want to know everywhere it goes when you‘re not at home? Thanks to our cameras, you can also see it on mobile devices, you can even talk to your pet through them!

We install CCTV systems in houses, small and medium businesses. We follow trends in CCTV systems development and offer you the most suitable solution with regard to price and required performance. We configure the cameras with a clear recording and you don‘t need to spend hours searching for events.
With the delivery of CCTV systems, we can also offer you wiring to give you a guaranteed quality and a simple, comprehensive solution.

Access systems

Welcome visitors to your building in style and enhance entry security with an integrated camera and electronic unlocking. Door intercom allows two-way communication with visitors and online through the application in the mobile phone. In case of your absence you‘ll also receive an email notification.
You‘ll also appreciate remote door control opening for visitors or shipping service to store a shipment in your absence.
The advantage of access systems is the possibility of entry without keys, where you can use alternative inputs, which include - smart cards, key fobs, fingerprints and, last but not least, your face.


We‘ll help you in style to welcome a visit or to monitor your property.

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