Data Backup and Storage

Keep your data on your own cloud storage accessible online.


Own secure cloud storage

Whether you're collecting music, photos or dealing with business data storage, don't just leave such important electronic stuff on local computers.
Classic hard drives are rarely put on laptops and desktops. Their speed ceases to be sufficient for the performance of these devices. However, NAS is a device that allows you to store and backup your data in the long term. The above-mentioned storage is not only for data storage, but also makes it easy to get to it from outside your home or business network. Keep your data available on your own cloud from anywhere.
Don‘t pay for renting space and determine its size yourself.

We store data within GDPR

Of course, there is the GDPR legislation. We‘ll configure the repository so that individual users can only access the locations you specify.
Do you back up from your smartphone right after taking a picture? NAS manages that as well, let us show you how you can keep your data safe.
Why send large files through public repositories? Share your data.

We work with leading QNAP and Synology brands in the NAS industry.


The easiest way back to lost documents, photos and other data is via NAS.

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