Networking and WiFi

We create a connection between your devices.


Data network

Do you have a small or medium business and you deal with a cable connection? Contact us, we‘ll provide a solution from the design itself, through assembly to rack connection.
The basis of a quality and reliable connection will always be cable and optical wiring. These wiring primarily provide communication between computers, but can also be used to connect, for example, telephones, cameras, access, security, metering, or control systems.
We always carry out an analysis Before the actual installation, and then the customer receives an offer.

Wireless Wi-Fi solution

Do you need to have Wi-Fi connection throughout the house and also in the garden? This is no problem for us. Why keep sending a signal while you are sleeping or not working? We configure our devices to be as efficient as possible, but also economical. Take advantage of a modern 5Ghz connection and high-speed devices. Along with configuring Wi-Fi modules, we perform router configuration and appropriate network settings. We implement a UniFi solution for our clients that‘s suitable for any environment where uniform coverage of a quality signal is needed.
Configuration, monitoring and at the same time very clear software is free.


We‘ll find the optimal connection together.

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