Printing Barcodes

Easily register products with barcodes, QR codes or RFID tags.

Printing barcodes

Our printer portfolio consists of brands that have been operating on the market for several decades.
We‘re a sales and service partner of Zebra, CAB, Honeywell, Sato.
We deliver simple but effective barcode printing solutions in logistics, manufacturing and other industries. We stock spare parts for the printers we supply. We not only sell printers, we offer comprehensive solutions from the supply of printers together with consumables, and the possibility of extending and upgrading already purchased equipment and of course warranty, post-warranty and regular printer servicing. After agreement with the customer we offer to rent a printer for testing purposes. We also provide the possibility of renting equipment.

Mobile printers

Portable printers are suitable for services, inventory, property records, forklift drivers and transportation services.
A wide range of accessories can be purchased for these printer models: batteries, holders, cases, comfortable straps for carrying, waist clips, car or forklift chargers. Most devices use direct thermal printing, i.e. needs thermal labels or thermal paper, which is suitable for short-term storage. Some models allow using thermal-transfer printing over ribbon, which is for longer storage of printing. Before purchasing equipment, it‘s necessary to specify the type of connection required - Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB.

Desktop and industrial printers

Desktop printers are suitable for small, medium and large businesses that require a larger volume of product labelling. Most devices are available in 2 versions with a width of 4" (110mm) and a larger 6" (150mm). They‘re characterised by their reliability, durability, robustness and simple operation.
Printers are also available with expansion modules such as peeler, cutter, Wi-Fi module, rewinder. Some printer models can also programme and check RFID tags. The print resolution is 203, 300, and 600 DPI. The higher the print head resolution, the smaller the QR code or barcode can be printed.
The basic connection interface for all these printers is USB and RS232 (serial port), and on higher models is also Ethernet. Another type of connection can be supplemented with expansion modules (Wi-Fi, Ethernet and parallel port.)

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