Print Cards and Color Labels

We create employee ID cards and customer loyalty cards.


Printing plastic cards

Plastic cards have several uses. The two main ones are identification when entering at work or a building. The second extremely important advantage for sellers is discount, club or loyalty cards.
Cards provide maximum security and easy management. We can print graphic symbols, barcodes or pictures on plastic cards. The advantage of plastic cards is their easy individual identification using a barcode, magnetic strip, eventually NFC or RFID technology. This enables quick and easy identification connected with your information system.
We offer to create plastic cards as well as printers with the possibility of lamination, coding along with the necessary consumables such as ribbons and the plastic cards themselves.

Printing coloured labels

Coloured labels are a product that our customers can afford today. We offer high-quality coloured labels that are 25% to 50% less expensive than those produced on a standard thermal-transfer printer. We also offer equipment suitable for low-cost coloured label printing and a smear-proof and waterproof base
Coloured label printing devices are also affordable for small businesses. These machines excel in high reliability and durability, they‘re also usable in an industrial environment.
Their easy integration is an advantage for IT implementation.


Software for designing labels and plastic cards

The NiceLabel Programme allows creating labels and plastic cards quickly and easily. The programme’s basic version can be connected to a simple Excel database. In higher versions it‘s possible to connect database sources - SQL, Access, dBase, FoxPro, Paradox, ODBC, OLE. You can also design your own print form, it contains a large number of drivers from many printer manufacturers. The manufacturer offers a version for creating labels and printing forms - NiceLabel Designer. Furthermore, the NiceLabel Label Management System (LMS) for managing label printing and mass centralisation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, together we‘ll find a way to better colours.

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