Pay only for the color coverage you actually print.

Pay only for the
color coverage
you actually print.

We ensure trouble-free operation for your printing.

Office printing

We provide comprehensive printing solutions for customers - consulting, implementing printing analysis, printing optimisation by designing a number of suitable devices, delivering your own printers or printing equipment rental. The printer deliveries or printer rental includes user training.
We offer configuration of printing processes with access for individual groups or employees, including possible printing costs monitoring.

We supply complete consumables and provide service security for all printers.

We‘re a Kyocera authorised sales and service partner.

Printing solutions

We offer printing equipment sales as well as rental.
You don‘t have to worry about rented printers, we provide all services. The equipment we offer and supply is always tested. Kyocera printers are suitable for both office as well as production printing. We always stock consumables in sufficient quantities. Thanks to the card reader and RFID chips, the equipment we supply also offers confidential printing.
MyQ software solution can be deployed for detailed crediting.

Why did we choose this brand?

Kyocera produces high-quality, reliable printers with many advanced technologies that significantly reduce the environmental impact of printing. In our company we fully identify with Kyocera's philosophy, which is to perform all activities in harmony with nature. The common interest of environmental protection and product quality was a reason for mutual co-operation.

Would you like save time and costs? Select Kyocera printers.

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